Comstock Heritage

Ute Chieftan Cuff


The Ute Chieftain cuff bracelet is a 6" wide Sterling silver cuff with hand etched Florentine engraving and hand set Turquoise all around a large hand cast Ute Chieftan figure in the center. We have two versions to choose from here, however you may call us or email us with any customization requests if you would like. First we have The Ute Chieftan that is embellished with a 14k yellow gold and white diamond head dress, the second option has two tsavorite garnets in the headdress and two white diamonds for eyes.  

*Please keep in mind that all of our items are hand made and no two are exactly alike. The piece that you purchase may not have these exact stones, but will still have the same type of stones. If you would like to personally choose your turquoise, please call or email*

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