Featherstone Fine Jewelry

Citrine & Gold Fleur De Lis Earrings


The one of a kind, Citrine & Gold Fleur De Lis Earrings by Featherstone Fine Jewelry are subtly colorful, yet statement pieces. The tops are hand crafted 18k yellow gold large Fleur De Lis. The middle section appears to be made of glass, however, these 21.01 carat Fleur De Lis are created from hand carved citrines. Securing the middle are 18k yellow gold, platinum, and diamonds. The final piece, the bottom, set in 22k yellow gold with Paraiba's stones is a delicately formed 19.93 carat Koroit opal. 

The hallmarks – and the fun – of a Featherstone creation are found in the wearer’s ability to choose whether a jewel is worn alone, in combination with other pieces, or with a multitude of interchangeable enhancements.

This versatility permits the wearer at every moment to  “live her jewelry.”

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