Natural dark palm wood contrasts seamlessly with the frosted finish of each black agate bead. Finished in a black rhodium plated sterling silver pop clasp, meticulously engineered in our Italian workshop. To open, simply pull both ends of the clasp away from one another. A unique mix of materials sets this bracelet apart from the rest, creating a bold, statement piece to decorate your wrist. The color and natural formation of our gemstones differs from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind.
  • Material: Black rhodium plated sterling silver with dark palm wood elements
  • Stone: Agate is a semi-transparent chalcedony with a banded appearance, which is formed in volcanic rock. With a wide range of colors, this stone represents stability, grounding and support
  • Size: Large (19cm) inner circumference sizes with a 8mm width

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