Featherstone Fine Jewelry

Mini Fleur De Lis & Cornflower Chalcedony Earrings


The one of a kind, Mini Fleur De Lis & Cornflower Chalcedony Earrings by Featherstone Fine Jewelry are gorgeous and understated. Mini 18Karat Yellow Gold Fleur De Lis act as an anchor to diamonds, 18 Karat Yellow Gold holders, and Cornflower Chalcedony droplets that are almost a translucent blue/white. Heavily faceted, the Cornflower drops shine in all types of light high and low.

The hallmarks – and the fun – of a Featherstone creation are found in the wearer’s ability to choose whether a jewel is worn alone, in combination with other pieces, or with a multitude of interchangeable enhancements.

This versatility permits the wearer at every moment to  “live her jewelry.”

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