The Lonestar Blackbeard is a combination of both new age and old. Starting with a Sterling silver, medium size "Lonestar" rectangle shaped trophy buckle, we then add a 14k raised yellow gold flat border that's accented with 4, 14k rose gold skull and crossbones in the corners. The center has been hand engraved and antiqued to that the 14k rose gold crossed pistols, Tahitian black pearl with diamonds inset, and solid gold 1758 Spanish 1/2 Escudo stand out perfectly. This buckle measures approximately 3 1/4" x 2 1/8" and fits up to a 1.5" belt strap. 

*The original buckle has sold. If you order, it will have the same materials but will look slightly different*


Hardware for Gentlemen is offering a complimentary belt with each buckle purchased. Click Here to view the full promotion