Featherstone Fine Jewelry

Amethyst & Sapphire Hair Ornament


The one of a kind, Amethyst & Sapphire Hair Ornament is a stunning Sterling silver and gemstone hair sticker that flaunts beautiful, rich color. A Sterling silver hand formed hair stick piece holds a green Tsavorite along with a blue, yellow, red, and purple sapphire set full of color. The show stopping aspect of this piece is 24.29 carat piece of purple Amethyst that is faceted to show off all the best light.

The hallmarks – and the fun – of a Featherstone creation are found in the wearer’s ability to choose whether a jewel is worn alone, in combination with other pieces, or with a multitude of interchangeable enhancements.

This versatility permits the wearer at every moment to  “live her jewelry.”

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